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There Is No There, There

The title is from a Gertrude Stein Quote: "When you get there, there is no there, there." Books are my favorite form of escapism and the book that can keep me up late at night against reason and sense is a rare and beautiful thing. I like reading because it is a peek into someone's inner life and inner monologue. Whether books want to or not, they are teaching us something about the author's view of what it means to be a woman or person or be in love or be alive. The books that are popular are a commentary on what we value as a society.

Review of Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

I'll admit- my enjoyment of this book was closer to a 5, but some issues with specifics won't allow me to give this book that rating. For one, the over-usage of my least favorite term of endearment, "baby." Just not my thing. Secondly, Noah, while having many many admirable qualities (his loyalty, his strength, his confidence, his determination, his devotion, his sexiness... probably shouldn't have listed that last one, but couldn't resist... etc.) he sounded a little controlling at times. Just shades of it. Like he relies on intimidation. Which, in a way, is fine considering his past and that he's just 18. He's got enough good qualities, good sense, to grow out of that macho-man, I-take-care-of-MY-girl-and-yes-she-is-MINE stage and into someone who can be a bit more INTERdependent. Also, he really does need a better vocabulary. And yet again, on the other hand, that's how some teenagers speak! In the end, I'm glad Katie McGarry wasn't afraid to throw around a lot of bad language.


But yes it drew me in, yes I had trouble putting it down, yes I got sucked into their world, and yes I really really enjoyed their chemistry. This book is exactly what I wanted it to be. I didn't care about Beth or Lila, but I liked Isaiah a WHOLE lot and want to read about him in his own book. I liked Noah & Echo's relationship and I reveled in their chemistry. It was a bit of wish-fulfillment-y and what you'd expect from a teen novel, but it also dealt with some real issues (other than I have no personality and my boyfriend is a vampire omg). Lastly, yay for teen books that recognize there's more than kissing then sex. There's a beautiful and expansive area in between to enjoy :^)